How is Likely to be Adopted by Your Program

I recently had a coach tell me, “I do not think we have the commitment needed from our coaches to track this type of stuff once we get beyond tryouts.”  Here was my response.

Having team coaches (especially volunteers) track stats isn’t likely to be the primary reason for using HelpSetGoals.  The benefits of the site to the Program are what will drive use of the site initially.  The team coaches get to tag along for the ride (as they find a parent who signs up to be Team Statistician and tracks things from the stands).  So I see the adoption of the site going something like this:

  1. The Program wants to get their tryout act together to build confidence in parents and players that their Program is the best program to which to belong.
  2. Once the tryouts are running more smoothly, the Program adds player surveys to the tryout process to aid in their decision-making for player placements.
  3. Now that the tryout process is easier to run and much more thorough, the Program realizes that the process used for tryouts can also be used for Skills Sessions to:
    • Generate revenue for the Program through Skills Session fees and feedback reporting fees via HelpSetGoals,
    • Benefit the players by giving them written and possibly video feedback that they weren’t able to get during the tryout process (because the information was too politically charged).
  4. Now that the Program is using the website for tryouts and skills sessions throughout the season, team coaches can use it, if they choose, for further improving player performance.

Once a Program reaches step 4, they have an advantage over other local, competing programs that aren’t offering their players as good an environment for improvement and fair player placement during tryouts.

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