Ed Burns Tracked Stats At Arlington High

Tomorrow, between games of the annual Ed Burns Holiday Hockey Tournment in Arlington, MA, a ceremony will be held to rename “Veteran’s Memorial Rink” to “Ed Burns Arena” in honor of the legendary Arlington High School Hockey Coach.  Ed Burns, now ninety years young, coached Arlington High School Hockey for fifty years before coaching his last game thirteen years ago.

Joe Bertagna, a former Arlington High School and Harvard University goalie, was quoted recently in the Sunday edition of the 12/19/2010 Boston Globe on page four of the Globe West section.  Joe reminisced about his days with Coach Burns.  “He kept track of how many shots we took and how many of those missed the net.  Other coaches mocked some of this, but you know what?  We won.  A lot.”

Coincidentally, a friend and fellow youth hockey coach brought this article to my attention as we were waiting for our son’s High School JV Hockey team to take the ice and deciding what stats to track during the game that might be helpful for the boys.  I ended up tracking

  • Shot Attempt – Blocked
  • Shot Attempt – Wide
  • Shot on Goal – Challenged the Goalie
  • Shot on Goal – No Challenge for the Goalie

as well as a few other stats.  When I got home, I read the article about Ed Burns.  Reading about what he tracked and the fact that he still tracks things when he watches games today was just one more confirmation that what we are trying to accomplish in tracking stats is an old and proven method of helping players reach their full potential.

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