Category: Pro Audio

Issues related to mixing, in-ear-monitor transmit & receive, recording, etc.


Reformat exFAT to FAT32 on a Mac

Are you excited about being able to record practices and gigs on your new QSC TouchMix-16? Not wanting to have to worry about disk space, you purchase a big ol’ Solid State Disk. Then...


Two Mono Mixes from One IEM Transmitter

You’re a musician in a band and would like to replace the floor monitors with In Ear Monitors (IEM). It would be nice if the IEM transmitter could transmit a vocal-centric mix to the...


QSC TouchMix-16 Output Connections

Let’s say you are a musician and your band is having all sorts of issues with sound – the mix is not right, the current setup keeps feeding back, the lead singer is having...