Category: Youth Sports

Setting goals, measuring performance and other topics related to youth sports.


The Tryout Process

Why is it important for a youth sports organization to have a tryout process? A legitimate tryout process lends credibility to a youth sports organization.  The tryout process is one of the things that...


To Treadmill or Not To Treadmill?

Should You Be Using a Skating Treadmill? I have often wondered about the pros and cons of using a skating treadmill to improve skating ability and endurance.  Unfortunately, I had to ask quite a...


Strive for the Perfect Stride

Every hockey player should always be working to perfect all aspects of their skating technique.  The goal is to become the best and fastest skater that you can be – not to become the...


Stretch for Success

Adding or Increasing Off-Ice Stretching. Stretching before and after a game is an important part of injury prevention.  When and where it is best for youth players to stretch can vary quite a bit given...


Ed Burns Tracked Stats At Arlington High

Tomorrow, between games of the annual Ed Burns Holiday Hockey Tournment in Arlington, MA, a ceremony will be held to rename “Veteran’s Memorial Rink” to “Ed Burns Arena” in honor of the legendary Arlington...